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Appointment Café™ automated appointment text message reminders! So they don't forget!!!

Never forget your appointmnt again!

Appointment Cafe With Appointment Cafe™, your patients will enjoy automated personal reminders for their appointments.  Appointment Cafe™ sends a text reminder message to each patient's mobile phone.

You will enjoy a much reduced no-show rate so your office can efficiently manage your appointment schedule. 

Appointment Cafe™ appointment reminder services are seamlessly integrated with EMR Datacenter office management and MyEMR® patient documentation software.  Call 800.481.9060 to sign up today!

Reduce your patient no-show appointments with the Appointment Cafe™ automated appointment reminder service!

Appointment Cafe™ allows unlimited send schedules customizable by the user.  Be as simple or creative as you like by sending messages:
  • Seamlessly integrated with EMR Datacenter® and MyEMR® appointments!
  • Appointment Café™ looks at your real-time appointments. Since there's no exporting to a file and no uploading to a text-file company, and no.forgetting to do it!  Appointment Café™ is a hands-off experience!
  • Unlimited multiple custom broadcast times for morning, afternoon or imagine your own broadcast schedules!
  • Example:  Next day appointment reminders such as morning reminders at 8AM one day in advance and afternoon reminders at 2PM one day in advance.
  • New! Snow Blast mass text messages to all patient, or to those in a future appointment range.
  • Black Hole messages find your patients who have dropped out of care without a future appointment. Black Hole events are great for patient retention and are an awesome revenue generator!
  • Tea Party text broadcasts let you import any tab delimited or CSV list for things like marketing new patients or keeping in contact with personal injury attorneys in your area.
  • 2-way messaging popups at the front desk let you respond to patients in real-time.
  • All messages are user customizable if you like. We provide professional appointment reminder merge templates that include English, Spanish and French - and they are randomized so your reminders always look personal.
  • Unlimited send schedules let you design your most effective reminder campaigns!
  • Unlimited providers in a single database site.  No separate fee for additional providers.
  • All schedules are set in your local time zone including:  Eastern, Central, Mountain, Arizona, Pacific, Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Automatic switching between Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time so you spring forward and fall back without adjusting your schedules.
  • Random text generation to select a number of customized appointment reminder merge templates.
  • Supports English, Spanish, French, and other patient's preferred language as selected in each patient's personal window.
  • Texting phone number is unique to your clinic and local to your area.  No strange out-of-state numbers that get ignored!
  • Appointment Cafe™ runs 24x7x365 so weekend, holiday and Monday patients always receive their message.
  • 24x7x365 hands-off experience is *always* working for you!
Decaf Regular Bold
Dedicated number in your area code Dedicated number in your area code Dedicated number in your area code
Up to 300 messages per month Up to 600 messages per month Up to 900 messages per month
SMS text reminder messages SMS text reminder messages SMS text reminder messages
Unlimited send schedules Unlimited send schedules Unlimited send schedules
Unlimited overages continue at 6.3¢/msg Unlimited overages continue at 5¢/msg Unlimited overages continue at 4.5¢/msg
Month-to-month agreement, no contract Month-to-month agreement, no contract Month-to-month agreement, no contract
Switch plans at any time! Switch plans at any time! Switch plans at any time!
$0 setup fee!!! $0 setup fee!!! $0 setup fee!!!
$44 monthly $59 monthly $72 monthly

Espresso Shot of 500!!!
Add a shot of 500 messages to a cup of Bold!
Adds 500 messages per month
3.9¢/msg rate
  $19.50 per shot!!!

Appointment Café 2-way messaging

Appointment Cafe Service Editor


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